Appliqued Heart - February 2003

Background fabric is cut 10 1/2 inch square, from an off-white 100% cotton fabric, fold in half twice and finger press to find the center.

Trace the heart shape pattern onto white freezer paper and using your favourite HAND APPLIQUE method, applique a heart from 100% cotton fabric in red or bright pink (Valentines).

If you are new to hand applique there are many methods available, one is as follows: take your freezer paper pattern and iron this to the WRONG SIDE of your red/pink fabric. Cut out your fabric heart with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Clip the "V" almost to the freezer paper, if necessary use a litte "fray chek" on a tooth pick at this junction to prevent fraying. Using a neutral thread you will be turning and basting this 1/4 inch seam over the freezer paper. Start on the long side of the heart with the thread knot on the right side of the heart, needle coming out onto the paper side, as you fold the seam allowance over the paper, when you reach the curve of the heart, you will need to make a small back stitch to secure your running stitch. Now you will do the running stitch in the seam alloance ONLY around the first curve of the heart , when you reach the clipped "V: put the needle back into the paper and out to the right side of the heart, give the thread a nice tug and your seam allowance will snuggly fold over the curve. Secure with a small backstitch, repeat for the other curve, and this time when you reach the beginning of the straight side again put the needle through the right and side and tug, back stitch to secure your work and continue with folding and running stitch. When you get to the pointed part of the heart, you will fold over the seam allowances to form a nice tidy point and stitch in place. Secure thread with a backstitch and cut thread.

Now position your heart so it is centered on your background, pin in place, and using a 100% cotton embroidery thread that matches your applique (go darker if you are having trouble with the colour), begin stitching on the long side of your heart.

1. With the knot on the wrong side of work, bring the needle up on the edge of your fold. 2. Take a stitch straight out from that point into the background fabric. Travel under the fabric to the right, come back up in the fold and repeat, until you return to the start, with needle on the wrong side of fabric secure your thread. Now remove your basting thread.

Print out a copy of the heart template