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Block of the Month

Below are the instructions for the block of the month with specification regarding color and size. Each month members who are interested can bring a block (or more than one)to the guild meeting and drop it off at the block of the month table. At the end of the evening one person's name is drawn and they will receive all the blocks. If there is enough to make 2 groups of 20 blocks then a second person will also take home blocks. The winner can do with the blocks what they'd like.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view some of the instructions. This can be downloaded for free from

Summer 2009 Challenge


April 2009
Square and Star

May 2009
Union Square

June 2009
Salt Lake City

Bonus Block
Arrow Crown

January 2009
Around the Square

February 2009
Summer Winds

March 2009
Bonus Block
Mother's Choice

September 2008
Prairie Queen
October 2008
Cups and Saucers

November 2008
Wyoming Valley

December 2008


May 2008
Loris Star

June 2008
Lemoyne Star

Bonus Block
Memory Star


Touch the Stars Sampler


Gladiolas Set

January 2008

February 2008
Green Mountain Star

March 2008
Dutch Rose

April 2008
Northumberland Star


September 2007
Variable Star

October 2007
Alice's Favorite

November 2007
Christmas Star

December 2007
Barbara Freitchie Star
2006/2007 May 2007
June 2007

January 2007
Water Lily

February 2007
March 2007
April 2007
View 2006/7 Sampler

September 2006
Green River

October 2006

November 2006

December 2006

March 2006
Geese in the Courthouse

April 2006
Amish PInwheel
May 2006
Interlocking Squares 
June 2006
View 2005/2006 Sampler
- instructions
- photo
November 2005
Log Cabin
December 2005
Rolling Nine Patch

January 2006
Curved Log Cabin

February 2006


May 2005
Arkansas Traveller

June 2005
Steps to the Altar
September 2005
Broken Dishes

October 2005
Bordered Nine Patch

View the samplers using
the 2005 BOM squares
Sampler #1
Sampler #2

January 2005
Goose in the Pond
February 2005
Dove in the window

March 2005
Delectable Mountain

April 2005
Seven Sisters

  September 2004
Any 9 1/2 inch
Christmas block (no stars!)
October 2004
Irish Chain (pdf)

November 2004
Fools Puzzle (pdf files)
part 1 part 2 part 3

December 2004

Kansas Troubles (pdf)

Feb 2004 Broken dishes
Mar 2004 Double square
April 2004
Old Maid's Puzzle
May 2004 Carrie Nation
June 2004
Floral School House

September 2003
Ohio Star
October 2003
Log Cabin (doc) [1 ][2 ]
November 2003
Paper Pinwheels
December 2003
Framed Squares
January 2004
Next Door Neighbour

June 2003
Monkey Wrench (pdf) May 2003
Dresden Plate (doc) April 2003 -
Spring Baskets (pdf)
March 2003
applique pattern
February 2003 - Appliqued Heart
January 2003 -
Snowfly Block

November 2002

Friendship Scrap Block





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