Saturday, some of us spent a wonderful day playing with Susan Jensen!

Susan brought her inks, we brought lunch and shaving cream, and we ended up with the start of some wonderful creations…
Preparing the stencil


First comes all the prep work – isn’t that always the way. We spend more time getting everything ready than we do playing sometimes!

Adding some colour


But once we got going, it was playtime for everyone – lots of goey stuff to do.


Selecting the Colours


Don’t we look like we know what we’re doing.  It is always so interesting to see what the different colours will do when they mix.


First set of Leaves done


It looks a little odd when you do the first set of leaves, and lots of us didn’t think we were going to like the results somewhere along the line. But you can’t judge when something is in process…


What a lovely mucky mess.   Felt like we were in kindergarten again, playing with lots of colours, but it wasn’t really as messy as it looks.

And when we removed the stencil and got our first glance at the base project it was marvelous.

At the end of class

Now, all we need to do is add a few embellishments, some thread play, maybe some additional finer points with pens,  quilt it, and we are done!

All in all, it was a great day, and we would like to thank the gals for the great lunch too!




Important Announcements

Because of the conflict with the Retreat, there will be NO APRIL DROP-IN. Sorry, but the people with the keys will be at the retreat along with a lot of the equipment.  Easter is just at the wrong time this year!

The May meeting is upstairs in the Mabbet Room. Please be aware that there are stairs, NO elevator to this room.

Now, for the rest of the news…..
2014-04  Program's about to start

Anne and Wendy got together and in the process of organizing the archives, discovered that we have lots of pictures of quilts – but no pictures of people! To remedy this, they are hoping to take lots of pictures of the current members of the guild. Not mug shots  – just casual groups.  Please come and participate.  Remember, these are for the archives.


Renelle announced that the workshops with Peggy Gelbrich in June will be $55.00 per workshop, and they will be at BACI (the Drop In building).  Please let the program committee know if you are interested in taking the courses. See the blog on Peggy and her quilts below.

Spring Retreat – the sewing room will not be available until after 3 pm, but you are welcome to come a bit early to settle in your room.  The theme is Christmas in April, and Maureen would like everyone to wear Red or Green on Friday night.

Summer Retreat – It seems silly to have a Fall retreat in August, to we need a new name for the retreat – temporarily called the Summer Retreat. Kasey is busy with the organization for the retreat at Camp Luther, August 22 -24th.  The cost will probably remain at $165, and the theme will be Friendship and Finishes.  Kasey understands that we don’t care for games, but will be offering some ideas  for Preemie quilts, and other projects.

The Quilt show is coming together.  Just a few reminders that items are still needed for the boutique, and gift baskets. Also, the mini or one block quilts for the mini raffles are still needed.  Stitch up a small quilt – anything from mug rug or postcard size to a single block, quilt it, embellish it, frame it – make a beautiful art quilt out of it.  The committee is looking for about 60 block quilts to raffle.   On the  Stage Display this year will be a display of the quilts from our last three challenges, the paint chip initial challenge (all colours had to be provided by paint chips whose names started with the same letter as yours), the paint theme challenge (the title of the quilt was the name of your paint chip), and the Valentine challenge.  If you would like to have your quilt displayed, please fill in an entry form and mark it for the display.

Wendy announced that we have most of the volunteers lined up for next year – so the guild can continue in existence for another year.  The only position unfilled is the nominating committee chairperson!  The volunteers who will be continuing or taking over in September were introduced and received a big round of applause!

Susan Jensen gave us a wonderful trunk show after our show and tell! Susan told us how she got into designing for various fabric companies, including the story of the arrival of the first palletts of fabrics at her small house! We had a very delightful show of her many quilts and accompanying stories.
2014-04 - Susan Jenson

2014-04 Susan explains a nuance

Here are photos of the two girls sponsored by the Blue Mountain Guild.  The first is Mellon and the second is Lillian.  They both started at Alice’s Sewing School (in Uganda) last year.  They are learning how to make clothing and are practicing on paper sacs from cement.  They will have patterns for children and adult wear that they will take home to their communities when they finish.  The sewing machines that the guild donated will go home with them when they finish.

Bitengye students

The sandwiching tables were in high demand at the Drop In on Saturday – we had line ups, but they all got done except for one that was left on the cutting table! We will bring it on Friday night, so if you are missing a panel quilt, please come to the BOM table.

We had a visitor who worked very hard and got a lot of her quilt sewn together. Here is a picture of Leah’s daughter with one of the pieces she finished – it’s going to be big and bright and beautiful.

It will be a bright and cheerful quilt!

It will be a bright and cheerful quilt!

Gail and company worked hard all day – and Gail almost finished two scrappy quilts – here is a beauty, and the other used the same fabrics in a different design. As you can see, their table was a busy one, with Darlene hand quilting her scrappy quilt.
14-04 Gail's Scrappy quilt14-04 Working Hard

It was a good day – and I think everyone enjoyed it!

THE NEXT DROP IN WILL BE THE LAST SATURDAY IN MAY Those of us with access to the building will be at the retreat, along with the irons and boards. We try to avoid having two things on the same day, but Easter got the best of us this year, and the last weekend was the only weekend available for the retreat – see you all at Camp Squeah!!

Peggy is an international quilt teacher who started her teaching career in Ketchikan Alaska and now makes her home in Oregon. Her quilts have been featured in Quilters’ Newsletter and Fonz and Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine, and the book “Rose Sampler Supreme” by Rosemary Mahkan.

Peggy is bringing her trunk show to our June 6th meeting and is teaching two – one day workshops at the Drop-In Location (BACI in Burnaby) on June 7th and June 8th

Come and learn some new ways of using old patterns in one or both of these classes:

Jacob’s Snails - for the confident beginner
Jacob's Snails
A combination of Jacob’s Ladder block and Snail’s Trail block makes a quilt that appears to twirl. The center of the block includes simple piecing techniques. The Snail’s Trail blocks can be paper-pieced or traditionally pieced.

Hunter’s Star- for the confident beginner, too
Hunter's Star

Get those perfect points without cutting or piecing a diamond shape. An easy construction process and accurate pressing creates sharp points in this striking two color quilt. Size information will be given for both a full size and miniature quilt.

There will be pre-registration at the April Meeting - as the program committee need to know how many are interested in taking the classes, so they can fix the cost. The more students, the lower the cost.

If you have any suggestions of lectures, trunk shows or workshops that you would like to see in the next couple of years, please let the Program Committee know.

And on another front – More finished blocks are needed for the Quilt Block Raffle at the Quilt Show – the money raised from this raffle will go to the Brown Bag Fund – buying quilting books for the Terry Fox Library. Find an interesting quilt block, finish it up as a quilt, and see how much money it will raise towards more quilt books in the Library!

Maggie has been working hard on the publicity for the Quilt Show. She will be getting some packages ready for members to help distribute!

Jenni and Julie are working hard on some prototypes for items to sell at the Boutique in the Quilt Show. They will have samples and kits available soon. Also needed are more items for the gift baskets.

Don’t forget to bring some blocks for the Community Quilt - the pattern for the Martha Washington Star is here

See you at the Drop In on March 29th, and the meeting on April 4th