Quilt Show

Come and join us and see some beautiful quilts made by our guild members. We are having a merchant mall, a members boutique and a tea room where you can rest your weary bones.



Quilt-Show-Challenge-Quilt info —— Challenge Quilt Registration Form

Hanging sleeve instructions

To signup for a volunteer shift please see email that was circulated

No further items needed for the boutique

Volunteer positions

Publicity – design poster, postcard and distributes

information Signage – puts signage around venue to direct visitors to show and put signage up inside

Event Registration – accepts the registration form from members who wish to display their quilts at the quilt show. Must have Word or Excel skills (or something equivalent) as they will be needed to fill out the information on the cards and to keep track of the quilts.

Special Displays – acts as the coordinator between the quilt show and the artist

Ribbons/Voting – orders the ribbons and looks after the voting process including preparing the ballots and counting the ballots to decide the winners

Volunteers – signs up the volunteers to the areas that they are needed in as requested by the committee

Basket Raffle License & Tickets – applies for the gaming license for the basket raffle and contacts the printer to print the tickets. Files the Gaming Event Revenue Report at the end of the show

Musicians – contact the musicians for playing at the show and have them sign a contract

Membership table – set up a display of things that the guild does over the years with pictures and typed information. Have information for visitors that are interested in joining the guild including application forms and guild pins.