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Below are the instructions for the block of the month with specification regarding color and size. Each month members who are interested can bring a block (or more than one)to the guild meeting and drop it off at the block of the month table. At the end of the evening one person’s name is drawn and they will receive all the blocks. If there is enough to make 2 groups of 20 blocks then a second person will also take home blocks. The winner can do with the blocks what they’d like.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view some of the instructions. This can be downloaded for free from

2019/2020 Blocks

Jan 2020 

Grand Square     



  Nov 2019                                                       Dec 2019

Caribbean Breeze                                            Little Scrappy





Sept 2019                                                     Oct 2019

House that scraps built                                Log cabin “Courthouse Steps”                                                  



2018/19 Blocks


May 2019                                                  June 2019      

Best Friends                                              Mighty Star


Mar 2019                                                  April 2019

Curved Pinwheel                                 Flower Power


Jan 2019                                               Feb 2019

Sewing Machine                                Be still my scrappy heart


Nov 2018                                                 Dec 2018                                                      

Flying Goose                                             Sweet 16


Sept 2018                                                Oct 2018

Your are a plus                               Hourglass modified



2017/18 Blocks


May 2018                                               June 2018

Spinning Wheel                               Chains

March Side Nine Patch                   April IMG_3954

Mar 2018                                                       April 2018   

 Side Nine Patch                                       April Stary Night

Jan 2018 Spinner resize               

Jan 2018                                                 Feb 2018

Spinner                                                   Snails Trail


Nov 2017                                      Dec 2017

Double MonkeyWrench                  Economy


Sept 2017                                     Oct 2017

X marks the spot                          The Domino Effect   


         2016/2017 Blocks

Summer Block_resized

Summer 2017

Numbered Eye Spy Summer

may block of month_resized

May 2017

Red and White Pinwheels 


Crazy One                  April block

              Mar 2017                                 April 2017

Crazy One                           Cutting Up Nine Patch

Feb Holding Hands_resized1




Feb 2017

Holding Hands


        Jan 2017                                                                         

Stack, Stitch and Slash Hearts      


Christmas Surprise                  dec-butterfly-fish_resized

    Nov 2016                                     Dec 2016

Christmas Surprise                          Butterfly &   Fish

Sept 2016 block          october-2016-bom

Sept 2016                       Oct 2016

Half Triangle Square          Batik Stainglass Panes amended

2015/2016 Blocks

May 4 Patch Cross resize                   June Light and Dark Example2 resized

May 2016                              June 2016

4 Patch Cross                         Light and Dark

April block     April another version

April 2016                Another version

        Accidental Block instructions

Crazy in love                             Woven Knots Image resized

Feb  2016                                         Mar 2016

 Crazy in Love Instructions                Woven Knots Instructions

 Crazy in love heart template

JAN 2016 Blue Chains Block Sample small                Jan 2016 BOM Blue Chains Block Samples small

Jan  2016                       Blue Chains Sampler

 Blue Chains  revised

Mountain Majesty BlockNov15small2             BMQG Dec 2015 BOM Scrappy Road to Oklahoma small

Nov 2015                                            Dec 2015

Mountain Majesty                         Scrappy Road to Oklahoma

Oct 2015          Lady of the Lake Block Sample Oct 2015resized

Sept 2015                          Oct 2015                         

Staircase                         Lady of the Lake 


snowballsmaller2               patience corners chopped                    Wild Cat

    Oct 2014                             Dec 2014                         Feb 2015             

 Snowball Nine patch               Patience Corners                   Wild Cat Block

March blk of monthresized           Lover's knot         disappearing pinwheel June 2015resized

   Mar 2015                  Apr 2015                  May 2015

Tulip Lady Fingers        Lover’s knot              Disappearing pinwheel


Close to Home



The Neighbourhood Block of the Month (Challenge BOM) 2014-04 House #11House #11

2014-05 Northern Lights May 2014 Northern Lights 2014-06 House #10House #10 2014-05 House #9House #9
2014-04 Moon over the MountainApril 2014 Moon over the Mountain 2014-04 House #8House #8
Road to my HeartMarch 2014 Road to My Heart House #7House #7
 February 2014 2014-02 Road to Home  House #6
January 2014 Courthouse steps House #5
Birds in the AirDecember 2013 Birds in the Air House #4House #4
2013-11 Log cabinNovember 2013 Log Cabin House #3House #3
October October 2013 Loose Goose House #2House #2 House #2 Paper Pieces
2013-09-attic-windowSept 2013 Attic Window house1House #1 House #1 paper pieces


Twilight Garden – 2012 BOM quilt

Fabric Requirements

Magnolia centre pattern

June 2013
Double Aster
2013-06 double-aster
Mar 2013
Stargazer Lily
Apr 2013
Tea Rose2013-04-Tea-rose
May 2013

Dec 2012 –

2012-12 peony

Jan 2013 –
Globe Amaranth2013-01-globe-amaranth
Feb 2013
Prairie Rose2013-02-Prairie-rose
Sept 2012 –
Silver Maple2012-09silver maple
Oct 2012 –
Dutch Tulips
2012-10 dutch tulip
Nov 2012 –
Bleeding Hearts
2012-11bleeding hearts
10th anniversary quilt 10th Anniversary QuiltQuilt Settings
Setting Blocks
Paper Piecing Points
Centre Medallion


Sept 2011 – Judy In Arabia2011-09JudyInArabia Oct 2011
Margarets Star

2011-10 Margaret's starNov 2011
Linda’s Favourite

2011-11-linda favorite picture

Dec 2011
Louisianna2011-12Louisianna Jan2012
Susannah2012-01SusannahFeb 2012
Crystal Star2012-02crystalstarMar 2012
Miller’s Daughter2012-03millers_daughter April 2012
Nelson’s Victory
2012-04nelson's victoryMay 2012
Annies Choice
2012-05 annies choiceJune 2012
2012-06nosegay picture

April 2011
Floral Centerpiece
May 2011
Contrary Wife
2011-04 contrary wife
June 2011
End of the Day2011-06endoftheday
Apple Cider Quilt Finishing InstructionsWedding Quilt Finishing InstructionsArt Deco Quilt FinishingInstructions
December 2010
Bridal Path
January 2011
Glass Dish
February 2011
Cathedral Window
2011-02 cathedral window
March 2011
Noon Day Lilies
2011-03 Noon Day Lilies - Flying geese


Wedding Themed Blocks

BOM 2010/11  Settings Information

September 2010
Bachelor Puzzle
2011 bachelors puzzle
October 2010
True Lover
2010-10 true lover
November 2010
Mothers Choice
March 2010
Piano Keys
April 2010
Offset Triangles – updated
May 2010
June 2010Braid2010_06_braid BONUS – Spinning Stars

November 2009



December 2009

Loosey Goosey


January 2010


February 2010



2009 Border Quilt Sampler

Quilt Requirements

September 2009



October 2009

Triangle Border


April 2009
Square and Star

May 2009
Union Square

June 2009
Salt Lake City

Bonus Block
Arrow Crown
January 2009
Around the Square

February 2009
Summer Winds

March 2009
Bonus Block
Mother’s Choice
September 2008
Prairie Queen
October 2008
Cups and Saucers

November 2008
Wyoming Valley

December 2008