Block of the Month

Below are the instructions for the block of the month with specification regarding color and size. Each month members who are interested can bring a block (or more than one)to the guild meeting and drop it off at the block of the month table. At the end of the evening one person’s name is drawn and they will receive all the blocks. If there is enough to make 2 groups of 20 blocks then a second person will also take home blocks. The winner can do with the blocks what they’d like.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view some of the instructions. This can be downloaded for free from

2018/19 Blocks


May 2019

Best Friends


Mar 2019                                                  April 2019                

Curved Pinwheel                                 Flower Power


Jan 2019                                               Feb 2019

Sewing Machine                                Be still my scrappy heart


Nov 2018                                                 Dec 2018                                                      

Flying Goose                                             Sweet 16


Sept 2018                                                Oct 2018

Your are a plus                               Hourglass modified

2017/18 Blocks


May 2018                                               June 2018

Spinning Wheel                               Chains

March Side Nine Patch                   April IMG_3954

Mar 2018                                                       April 2018   

 Side Nine Patch                                       April Stary Night

Jan 2018 Spinner resize               

Jan 2018                                                 Feb 2018

Spinner                                                   Snails Trail


Nov 2017                                      Dec 2017

Double MonkeyWrench                  Economy


Sept 2017                                     Oct 2017

X marks the spot                          The Domino Effect                                             

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