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Each month during the guild meeting there is some sort of program put on for the members like guest speakers, demos and the like.If you have ideas or suggestions for this part of the meeting, don’t hesitate talking to the members in charge of program or anyone on the executive.

Programs 2017/18

Nov 10, 2017 – Susan Purney Mark picture from the Stitching the Wild Fern workshop



workshop Nov

Dec 1 – Christmas Party – Mexican Theme with prizes and dress up! An auction is planned so start looking for unused kits, fabric, notions etc. Each person will be given a paddle for bidding. Bring items to Kari so she can prepare them. Bring strips in bright beach colours. Potluck finger food. Food Bank Donations – food or cash. Cash is preferred.

Jan 5, 2018 – Judy Villett     (www.judyvillett.com) There will be a workshop – more details to follow

Feb. 2, 2018 – AGM and preemie quilt challenge Theme – transportation

Mar. 2, 2018Thomas Roach   (www.thomasroach.ca)

Apr. 6, 2018 – TBA

May 11, 2018Anne Malo will be doing a trunk show

June 1, 2018 Year end Tea Party



Secret Quilting Friend:      secret friend

The Program Committee is hosting 6 months to be a Secret Quilting friend. Ladies are asked to fill in their information on the sheet at the September meeting and turn it back into the Program Committee Table at the meeting.

The Program ladies will assign you a Secret Friends name and it will be given to you at the October meeting.

(If you aren’t present at the October meeting to receive the information we will mail it to you).

We ask that nothing expensive be given, and to acknowledge Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and if the person’s birthday falls into the time line would be nice.  Make it fun, exciting and keep it a secret as to who your secret friend is.  Use the information sheet to surprise them with something special.

We will have a table at the front door at each meeting for you to drop your gifts/cards to your secret friend.


Fall Challenge 2017 – Inspirational Word Quilt

When we visited Lyn and Edna this summer, Edna was busy making a small inspirational word quilt. For the fourth year in a row, she finds a word that she wants to concentrate on for the following year, then she makes a small quilt that she hangs in her sewing room for the year to remind herself to focus on that word.  The idea spoke to me and I was making notes of words all weekend (calm, persevere, organize, complete…).  We decided that this would make a good guild challenge, so:

We are challenging you to find a meaningful word to you.  It should represent something that you would like to work, improve or just focus on and make a quilt using it.  If nothing jumps out at you, Pintrest has a number of pins if you search ‘inspirational words’. You may want to start by just jotting down words that come to you.

Nitty Gritty:

The quilt should have a perimeter of no more than 70”.

It must be three layers (top, batting, backing, quilted).

The word should be visible on the quilt.  It can be appliqued, painted stitched….

You may want a hanging sleeve so you can keep the quilt visible for the year.

The quilt needs to be finished and brought in to the December guild meeting so we can all see and admire the quilt.


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