Book titles for library fund needed.

We are still looking for book titles for the library fund. The following titles have been suggested by quild members

  1. When Bad things happen to good quilters by Joan Ford
  2. Millerfiori quilts by Willyne Hammerstein
  3. Make it, take it by Krista Hennebury
  4. All things quilting with Alex Anderson
  5. Landscape Quilts by Kathy McNeil
  6. 100 Modern quilt blocks by Tula Pink
  7. All about strips – colorful quilt from strips of many sizes by Susan Guzman
  8. Machine Quilting – free motion & walking foot designs by Natalia Bonner
  9. Layered Waves – a fresh new way to quilt by Karen Eckmeier
  10. Quilting Path : a quide to spiritual discover by Louise Silk
  11. Design books by Ruth B McPowell
  12. Civil War legacies : quilt patterns for reproduction fabrics by Carol Hopkins

If you would like to suggest a title please send an email to the publicity information found on the home page.